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Realtree Deluxe Hard-Shell Foam First Aid Kit - 121 Piece

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  • The Realtree Deluxe Hard-Shell First Aid Kit is designed to meet the emergency needs families or small groups. It can be stored in your backpack, camping supplies, athletic equipment, vehicle or home. Its compact size is convenient to take anywhere.
  • Premium Components: Hard-Shell Foam Bag with strap system to easily attach to your backpack or belt.
  • Trauma Supplies: Large 5”x9” trauma pad, 2” x 4.1 yds. Sterile Gauze Roll and Triangle Bandage 37”x37”x52”
  • Bandage Material: Sterile Gauze Pads - multiple sizes and Assorted Bandages: small, large, knuckle and knee/elbow
  • Tools/Instruments: Scissors, Tweezers, Adhesive Tape, Emergency Whistle, Instant Cold Pack, Cotton Tipped Applicators, First Aid Instructions, Carabineer
  • Wound Care: Alcohol Prep Pads, Sting Relief Pads, Antiseptic Wipes


  • (1) Hard-Shell Foam Case
  • (1) Small Instant Cold Pack
  • (20) 3/8” X 1 1/2” Bandage
  • (20) 3/4” X 3” Bandage
  • (3) Knuckle Bandage
  • (4) Knee/Elbow Bandage
  • (1) Triangle Bandage
  • (10) Butterfly Bandage
  • (6) 2” X 2” Sterile Gauze Pad
  • (3) 3” X 3” Sterile Gauze Pad
  • (1) 4” X 4” Sterile Gauze Pad
  • (1) 5” X 9” Combine Dressing
  • (1) 2” Conforming Gauze Roll
  • (2) 1/2” Adhesive Tape Roll
  • (20) Alcohol Prep Pad
  • (3) Sting Relief Pad
  • (9) Antiseptic Towelette
  • (10) Cotton Tipped Applicator
  • (1) Scissors
  • (1) Tweezers
  • (1) Emergency Whistle
  • (1) Carabiner
  • (1) First Aid Guide

Product Description

The Realtree camo makes this kit unique. Deluxe Hard-Shell First Aid Kit contains 121 components of first aid supplies so you are prepared to stop bleeding quickly with a trauma pad and also treat small cuts and scrapes while on the go. It features a sturdy and attractive hard foam bag, scissors, tweezers, adhesive tape and a variety of sterile gauze pads and bandages. It also includes wound management items such as alcohol prep pads, sting relief, antiseptic wipes and more. Be prepared to take care of a group of people and tend to their needs for first aid.


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